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Jeanne standing on our home site being readied for the forms for pouring the slab.
Our bare house.
We had closed on the house by mail at the end of June, since we hadn't sold the Minnesota one yet. So, we decided to take a trip over the 4th ot July to see if it had actually been built. Mike, Becky, Madison, and Jeanne were checking on its construction.
A view of the front, September 1993.
The Villages is located on both sides of Highways 27/441. This presented a problem, since golf courses are located on both sides, and golf carts are not permitted on the highway.

The solution? Mr. Harold Schwartz, The Villages Founding Father, built a golf car overpass across the highway.

Jeanne is giving it a test drive (it rides like a roller coaster). It had just opened before our visit in July.

Jeanne standing by the swimming pool at Orange Blossom Hills Country Club,
one of several clubs throughout The Villages.
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