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We are Jeanne and John Donahe. In August, 1993, we moved from Minnesota to The Villages in Central Florida. We had lived in our "starter" home in Cottage Grove, Minn. for 35 years.
These are two lovely views of ourMinnesota home in it's two natural environments: snowing and snow.
On these pages we will try to tell you about ourselves, and our life here in Florida.

We have two children, Kathleen and Michael.

Kathy and her husband, Joe, have two children, Brian and Kelly.

Brian will be graduating from high school this year, and Kelly will celebrate her 10th birthday in July.

Mike and and his wife Becky have three children, Madison, 9, Terri, 5, and Arizona, 6 months.

Jeanne is a Minnesota girl, born and raised in St. Paul. She has two brothers, also born in St. Paul. Bob living in Chicagoland, and Tom in Minnesota.

John was born in Chicago, and after moving to Oregon and Kentucky, with his parents and sister, settled in St. Paul in 1950. My one sister, Pat, was also born in Chicago and recently moved to The Villages.

The Villages.

So what is The Villages? Well, it's a retirement community consisting of approximately 18,000 homes, and growing rapidly.

The name is derived from the fact that as the developer expands, he gives each area a Village name, such as, The Village of Sanitago, or The Village of Rio Grande, etc. Each Village is kind of like its own little neighborhood. We live in the Village of Rio Grande.

It is a golf car community with oodles of golf courses, swimming pools, recreation areas and facilities, restaurants, tennis courts, softball fields, and just about anything else you can think of, including polo grounds, with our own polo teams.

I'll have more on Villages life when I get started on the
Rio 1 pages.

What is Rio 1?

Well, just wait. It's coming soon.

Florida home in its natural environment:  sun.
My version of a Corvette.
Our first palm trees, in our
front yard.
A tropical sunset from our front yard.

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