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When we moved here in 1993, we were in the midst of a drought. That ended in the summer of 1994 with some dire consequences, as shown in the pictures below. Three storms within a short period resulted in three floods. Each one was considered a "once-in-a-hundred-year" storm.
Above left:  Catalina Court

Above:  San Pedro Drive east of Catalina Court

Left:  Northeast corner of San Pedro Drive
Above: A view from San Pedro Drive
After the 3rd flood a major project was taken to increase the capacity of the storm sewers. We've had no drainage problems since.
Left:  Lisbon Lane
A tour of the Passo Fino horse ranch in 1994
Jeanne with one of the beautiful Passo Finos.
I didn't know that horses had red eye.
Our neighbor, Bob, demonstrating his horesmanship
Lunching with Fred and Charlotte after the tour
Christmas Dinner Dance 1994
It was held at Hacendia Country Club, in what is known now as the Grill Room, shortly after it opened.
Fred and Charlotte
Jimmy and Jean
Us, Jeanne and John
Vivian and her husband Joe in the background
Betty and Charlotte
Gail and Jean
Eleanore and Joe doing a line dance
The Four Tenors?
Jack, Marge, Joe, and Nelson leading us in Christmas carols.