When Pat and Eddie were dating, Eddie was drafted into the U.S. Army and was eventually sent to Hawaii. Pat was a beautician, working at a beauty shop near the Outer Drive in Chicago.

Do you remember
S & H Green Stamps? Well, someone at Pat's beauty shop suggested that Pat  get a trip to Hawaii through Green Stamps. So the shop started a campaign to collect them.

After several months of collecting stamps, donated by customers and friends; and after filling several dresser drawers with the books, Pat finally accumulated the required quantity, and was soon on her way to Hawaii.

She became a celebrity, of sorts, with write ups in Chicago and Hawaii newspapers.

Pat and Ed's two children are Kathy Lynn and  Danny.

Kathy Lynn and her husband, Scott, live in Kentucky. They have three children, Vickie, Kaitlyn, and Joshua.

Danny and his wife, Jackie, live in Illinois. They have three children, Kellie, Mollie, and Jack Daniel.

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Pat and  Eddie after Pat's arrival in Hawaii in 1964..
Pat and Eddie in Illinois.
Our parents, Clarissa and Merrils, with Pat and Ed, and Jeanne and John.