Pat is John's sister. She moved from Skokie, Illinois to The Villages last year. Also, at the same time, our cousins, Mary Helen and Mike, moved here from Niles, Illinois.

Pat's husband, Ed, died suddenly at the age of 50. It is a tragic loss which has deeply affected all of us.

Pat has two children, Kathy Lynn and   Danny.

Kathy Lynn and her husband, Scott, live in Kentucky. They have three children, Vickie, Kaitlyn, and Joshua.

Danny and his wife, Jackie, live in Illinois. They have three children, Kellie, Mollie, and Jack Daniel.

"The Chicago Mob".   Danny and Jackie with baby Kellie; Virginia, Fred's wife; our mother, Clarissa; Pat; Mary Helen; Fred, Mary Helen's brother; Mike; and, sitting, Uncle Jack, Mary Helen's father.
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Kathy Lynn and Scott
on their wedding day
April 24,1993.
Jackie and Danny on their
wedding day September 24, 1994.
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The Latest Additions!
Jack Daniel (left), Jackie and Danny's son, born April 14, 2000.
Joshua, Kathy Lynn and Scott's son, born May 8, 2000.
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My Sister Pat
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