Jeanne and John's Wedding
Album - 2
It's done!!!
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Our very first kiss!
The Wedding Party.
From left:  Mary Pat, Jeanne's cousin; Mary Sue, Jeanne's girl friend; Pat, John's sister; Jeanne & John;
and John's cousins Tom, Bob, & Fred. This photo was taken in the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul.
The Getaway Car.
My Uncle Jack from Chicago was gracious enough to let
us use his '57 Chevy for our wedding, Bob is the chauffeur.

And, yes, they did have color film in those days. We just didn't have any money to pay for them.
Our Parents
From left:  Jeanne's parents Paul and Bertha, John's parents Clarissa and Merrils.
Also taken in the Como Park Conservatory.