Clarissa Haynes,
My Mother


Merrils Donahe,
My Father
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My Grandmother

Isabelle (Melton) Haynes

Born: October 15, 1872 in Knottsville, Kentucky

Died: February 13, 1956 in Owensboro, Kentucky

She married Hilary E. Haynes In Knottsville, Kentucky January 18, 1898. 
My Grandma Haynes  My Grandmother Haynes lived with our family when my sister Pat and I were young children.

She was an "ideal", sweet Grandma, and we were very close to her. 

Hilary and Belle had 8 children.
All were born in Knottsville, Daviess Co., Kentucky.

  • Born July 28, 1899 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died 1900 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Age 9 months.
  • Born September 25, 1905 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died January 15, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky
  • Born October 28, 1912 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died May 29, 1999 in Carol Stream, Illinois
  • Born September 3, 1889 Daviess, Kentucky
  • Died July 20 1981 in San Francisco, CA
    Mary Alberta
  • Born Feb. 24, 1907 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died May 26, 1977 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Born July 19, 1917 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died April 8, 1918 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died during flu epidemic.
  • Born February 6, 1902 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died November 10, 1917
    in Knottsville, Kentucky
    at age 16.
  • Died during flu epidemic.
    Charles "Chuck"
  • Born Aug. 18, 1910 in Knottsville, Kentucky
  • Died Feb. 06, 1984 in Florida.

Grandma Haynes lost a daughter in 1900, her husband and a son in 1917, and another son April 1918.

Hilary's family wanted to split the children up, but Grandma insisted that they all stay together.


Baby Hilary 
My Grandfather

Hilary E. Haynes

Hilary was born October 20, 1872. He died June 17, 1917 when my Mother was 4 years old. He was the oldest of 7 children. 
Hilary Haynes
Photo was taken in Owensboro, KY  



    Hilary's Siblings:

  • William E.
    Born Mar. 1878
    Died Apr. 11, 1968

  • Charles
    Born Sept. 06, 1880
    Est. 1881-1970

  • Mary Defrosia Rummage
    Born Aug. 22, 1880
    Died Jul. 16, 1969

  • Nora Elizabeth
    Born Apr. 1886
    Est. 1887-1980
  • George
    Born June 1887
    Died Dec. 04, 1925

  • Theresa Rose
    Born Jul. 16, 1892
    Died Jul. 20, 1930

  • Thomas Henry
    Born Feb. 15, 1876
    Died Dec. 18, 1917

Hilary Haynes Photo 1
Hilary Haynes  


Hilary and Belle

Photos of Hilary and Belle.

Children on right photo are
Ray, Roy, and Chelsea.
Hilary, Belle, and 3 children


Hilary's Sisters  Rear Row: Malachy Patrick "Malky" Payne
and Wife Theresa Rose Haynes

Front Row: Joseph Ligouri Carrico and
Wife Nora Elizabeth Haynes

Circa 1908 

Nora Elizabeth



My Mother, Clarissa (Haynes) Donahe, was born October 28, 1912 in Knottsville, Kentucky.

Her father died when she was 4 years old. At the age of 14, she and her family moved to Owensboro, Kentucky, where she lied about her age to get a job rolling cigars in a cigar factory. At the age of 16, they then moved to Chicago where she eventually met my father, Merrils Joseph Donahe. He was originally from Minnesota.

The photos on this page were taken either in Knottsville or Owensboro, Kentucky.

(Visit my Father's page by clicking here.)



One of the photos on the left is supposedly Ray and the other is
one of Belle's other children.


Clarissa (Whom I shall refer to as Mom) at about age 8. 

Mom, Alberta and Chuck (Charles). 

Mom's First Communion
or Confirmation.
About 1921 


Front row-Mom on far right.
Back row-Alberta left, Chuck far right.
Others may be cousins or neighbors - names unknown.


Belle and Mom, far right.


Mom and Chuck with Cap.


Mom and her Mother, Belle, in back.
Children unknown. 

Front: Mom
Center: Chuck, Chelsea, Roy, and Belle.


Chelsea, Chuck, Mom, Belle, and Alberta.

Chuck and his Mother Belle


Roy and Chuck.

Mom, Chuck and Alberta.


Could that be Mom peeking in the back?


Belle and Mom

Alberta and Mom.
The little girl, still unknown. 

Chelsea in the center holding her son Bill. The
three women in the rear are Belle's sisters
Lizzy and Minnie, Belle and Will.  

Belle on left and her sister Aunt Lou. 




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information on the Haynes and Melton families.

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