Baby Merrils
Merrils Donahe,
My Father


Baby Clarissa
Clarissa Haynes,
My Mother
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In August 1957 all four brothers came to Minnesota.
Merrils from Chicago; Robert from Ellendale, North Dakota; Bernard
from Sweet Home, Oregon; and Leslie from Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Family Photo
Marie and All Her Children.
Tootie, Robert, Bobbie, Marie, Merrils, Bernard, Jesse, and Leslie.
Taken at Aunt Jesse's home in St. Paul Park, Minnesota.


Donahe Brothers
The Four Brothers.

Bernard, Robert, Leslie, and Merrils.
At the Airport
At the airport for Leslie's return flight home.
In Front: Grandma Donahe (Marie); my sister
Pat; one of Leslie's sons, probably Michael;
and Bobbie. Merrils and Leslie in rear.

In 1957 the Twin City Airport in Minnesota
was known as Wold-Chamberland Airport.


Portrait - Merrils
An "olde touched-up" photo.                                                                                  

Merrils & Otto Nelson
Merrils and long time friend Otto Nelson.

"Chicago Gangsters?"

Otto Nelson and Merrils (in the back seat).
I believe Otto Nelson had family in Georgia, and this photo may have been taken in Georgia.
May 21, 1929

Leslie, Merrils, Unknown, and Bernard.

Party Animal?

I know my father worked nights when I was born, so this could be just a rough night at work.

Merrils           Mom & Merrils
Both photos were taken in Chicago in the late 1930s.
Photo on right was around the time Clarissa and Merrils were married.

Merrils and Uncle Jack
Merrils and Uncle Jack (left).
Jack is Clarissa's brother-in-law,
married to her sister Alberta.

Mom, Dad, and son John
Clarissa and Merrils with their
first born, John.
Family with Pat and John
Clarissa and Merrils with their two children Pat and John.
Mom, Grandma Donahe, Aunt Bobbie, and Dad.

Merrils and fish
And I always thought he liked to fish!
At a fishing cabin in Wisconsin, one of which
we went to every summer.
North Dakota
Ellendale, North Dakota - 1950.
Merrils, Bob and his father Robert.
On our move to Oregon, we stopped
to visit Dad's brother Robert.

Family 1976

Tootie, Bobbie, Merrils, Robert, Bernard,
Jesse, and Leslie.
The last time all seven brothers and sisters were together.

1976 - At Aunt Tootie's home in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Merrils and first granddaughter
Merrils with his first grandchild, Kathleen Donahe,
daughter of John and Jeanne.



Miscellaneous Photos From The Album.

Harvesting the old fashion, hard way.
Location and date unknown. 

The Graff Zeppelin.     

Over the Chicago skyline.     



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