Merrils Donahe,
My Father



Clarissa Haynes,
My Mother
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Many of the "olde photos" were given to me by my mother shortly before she died. They were from my father's albums, and some of them I had never seen. Others were given to me by my Aunt Jesse, my father's youngest sister.

There are long lost cousins who provided me with valuable information on the Donahe ancestors, all of whom I met over the Internet. I am deeply appreciative of Charles Donahe, who provided information which he had researched long before the days of the Personal Computer; Carla House, who "found" me on the Internet; Frank Donahe, who provided me with a copy of the family tree; and Bette Deschand and Nikki Hansen, who provided information and keep me informed on family changes.



Bette and Sisters and Brother

Front row: Donna and Bette
Rear: Carol, Carla and Frank

It is with deep sorrow that I announce the passing of Carla House on January 5, 2005.

Carla is the one that first contacted me about the Donahe family tree and the other cousins I met through the internet.

Nikki and Spot
Nikki and Spot

Bette and Her Husband Kelly

Frank and Son Frank Jr.

Frank and his son Frank, Jr.



My Great Great Grandparents.

Daniel Van Tuyl and Hannah D.Guthrie Krumm Van Tuyl.

They are parents of Cynthia Abigail
Van Tuyl. 

Cutler Van Tuyl
My Great Great Uncle
Cutler Van Tuyl.
Son of Daniel Van Tuyl, he married Elizabeth Adelia Donahe, sister of John Dewitt Donahe. 
John Dewitt and Cynthia Donahe

My Great Grandparents
John Dewitt Donahe and wife Cynthia Abigail (Van Tuyl) Donahe.
They are parents of Joseph Lytle Donahe, my Grandfather.
Cynthia is a sister of Cutler Van Tuyl.

John Dewitt and Cynthia Donahe  

Charles Henry Donahe and Family
My Great Great Uncle
Charles Henry Donahe and his wife Margret Ellen Bryan,
with five of their seven daughters.
Charles Henry is a brother of John Dewitt. 

Joseph Lytle Donahe
BEGAT 15 Kids!
My Grandfather

Joseph Lytle Donahe
Born May 9, 1859, Died November 18, 1916

Joseph married Ida May Moyer January 12, 1889. Ida May died
February 12, 1905. They had 8 children.

On November 3, 1906, he married Marie Marn, my Grandmother.

They had 7 children:
  • Marie (Tootie) - Born July 27, 1905; Died June 10, 1985
  • Mabel (Bobbie) - Born Oct. 6, 1906; Died Nov. 19, 1982
  • Merrils (My Father) - Born Oct. 18, 1907; Died March 3, 1981
  • Robert - Born Dec. 18, 1909; Died July 13, 1992
  • Bernard - Born Oct. 25, 1911; Died Dec. 8, 2002
  • Jesse - Living
  • Leslie - Born June 16, 1916; Died Feb. 19, 1998


    Joseph Lytle With His First Wife
    Ida May Moyer and Three of Their Children. Married Jan. 12, 1889. 

    Joseph Lytle With His Second Wife Marie Marn.
    Front: Marie (Tootie), Mabel (Bobbie), and Robert.
    Rear: Merrils, My Father. Married Nov. 3,1906. 

      My Great Aunt

    Alvira Annete Donahe, Sister of Joseph Lytle.
    Born Jan. 10, 1856 in Edwardsburg, MI;
    Died Jan.28, 1889 in Strawberry Point, IA,
    Possibly of Congenital Spine Disease. 

    Autograph from Joseph Lytle to his sister Alvira.

    Page from Elvira's autograph book with an annotation by her brother Joseph Lytle.

    Bartholomew Marn  My Great Grandparents

    Parents of Marie M. (Marn) Donahe

    Bartholomew Marn
    Born in Austria
    Died 1896 in St. Paul, MN

    Josephine (Weissel) Marn
    Born in Austria
    Died 1897 in St. Paul, MN 
    Josephine Weissel Marn   

    My Grandmother

    Marie M. Marn

    Born Oct. 6, 1886 in Sleepy Eye, MN
    Died Dec 14, 1970 in St. Paul, MN

    Her father died when she was 10 years old. As a result, she and her younger brother Bart were sent to St. Joseph's Orphanage in St. Paul, MN. She lived there until she reached the age of 16. 
    Marie Marn   

    Marie Marn  Marie Marn  Marie Marn  Marie Marn

    More photos of Marie. I love those hats!

    St Joseph Orphanage
    Group photo at St. Joseph Orphanage. Marie Marn is marked with the arrow.
    She and her brother Bart entered the orphanage about 1896.

    Click Here For A Newspaper Article On St. Joseph Orphanage.


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