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I don't know why she wanted a unicycle, and never thought she would ever learn to ride it. I couldn't bear to watch her practice on it because I thought she was going to kill herself. But she finally mastered it and traveled all over our neighborhood on it. This picture was taken while we were camping somewhere in MInnesota.
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Kathy On Her Unicycle Somewhere In Northern Minnesota
Kathy with my niece Kathy Lynn when we were camping with Pat, my sister, and her family at Devil's Lake, near the Dells, in Wisconsin.
Kathy helping me build the three season porch on our house in Cottage Grove, Minn.
I don't want to give you the wrong impression. She didn't exactly volunteer. It was one of my ways to keep her in-line and at home once in a while, along with making her clean out the window wells, which were full of weeds, spiders, and toads. But, I have to give her credit - she did work hard.
Our dog Kelly.
High School Graduation Day-1982

Posing with Mom, Grandma Donahe, Mike, and Dad.
Her first car, showing it off to Mike.
Kathy and Mom at Kathy's wedding shower.
Kathy, the bride, and Mom ready to leave for church.
She wore her mother's wedding gown.
Kathy at her baby shower.
Baby Brian - May 1983
The new mom and Brian.
Four Generations.
Kathy, Great Grandma Donahe, Brian, and Grandpa John.