Jeanne Hauwiller was born in St. Paul, MN. to Paul and Bertha (Sherman). She has two brothers, Robert, the eldest and Tom, the youngest. Bob and his wife, Mary, live in the Chicago area; and Tom and his wife, LaVonne, are living in Oakdale, Minnesota.

While attending Our Lady of Peace High School, Jeanne met her future husband, John Donahe, who was attending Cretin High School. In 1968, two years after finishing high school, they were married in Nativity Catholic Church in St Paul.  They raised two children, Kathleen and Michael, in Cottage Grove, Minnesota and are currently retired in Florida.



          1938 - Jeanne Paula Hauwiller





Baby Jeanne With Her Mother Bertha
And Her Father Paul.


Big Brother Bob and Jeanne

On The Farm...   In The Flower Bed
The Hauwiller Homestead


: Paul holding Jeanne, Uncle Rich,
 Aunt Esther, Aunt Marg, Aunt Detta,
Grandpa Sherman, Uncle Eddy,
 Uncle Edmond.
Children in Front:  Roger, Brother Bob,
Leon, Punky


Cousin Mary Pat and Jeanne.

Family photo in the back yard of their home on Aurora in St. Paul, MN

"Little Sweethearts"
Jeanne and Ross

At The Hauwiller Homestead

Adults: Uncle Ray, Uncle Alex(?), Aunt Florentine, Aunt Alice, Grandma Emma, Grandpa Frank (Hauwiller), and Dad Paul
Children: Bob and Jeanne
Shadow: Mom Bertha
Dog: Unknown


Neighborhood Birthday Party - With Jeanne and Bob

What's So Funny?
Bob, Jeanne, and Friends Curt and Glenn


Adults: Dad, Walter and Emma.
Front: Jeanne, Bob, Curt and Glenn.


: Great-Aunt Annie, Cousins Eleanore and Gerry
Front: Bob, Cousin Marlene and Jeanne

Tobogganing At Como Park In St. Paul, Minn.


Rear: Gene, Bob and Dad
Front:  Ross, Jeanne, Marilyn Murray,
and Mr. and Mrs. Reber

Top: Donny, and Mr. Reber
Center: Mom
Bottom: Bob, Ross, Jeanne, Marilyn Murray,
Mrs. Reber, and Gene

Ross, Bob, and Jeanne


     Gail, Jeanne, and Their Dollies

First Grade Class At St. Luke's Grade School, St. Paul, Minnesota
(Blue arrow pointing to Jeanne)

Jeanne attended St. Luke's Grade School in the building on Summit Avenue until the 8th grade. For 8th grade, she
was transferred to the new St. Luke's Grade School next to the church. She then attended Our Lady of Peace High School
in the same building which was previously the grade school. Thus, she went to school in the same building for 12 years.

The building that housed Our Lady of Peace High School is now the William Mitchell College of Law.


Rear: Aunt Alice, Aunt Catherine, Mom, Uncle Francis, Great Aunt Mary,
Aunt Florentine holding Cousin Joanne, Uncle Gordy, Uncle Romie, and Uncle Tony.

Front: Cousins Lois and Margaret, and Jeanne and friend Nancy.

Photo taken in the backyard of home on Aurora Ave.


3rd Grade Class at St. Luke's Grade School.
Yellow arrow pointing to Jeanne.



Jeanne's 1st Communion
May 11

      Jeanne's Tap Dance Class


Paul and Bertha in Their Backyard on Laurel Avenue.


      Mom, Jeanne, Bob and Little Tommy.

Mom and Dad on Their Way to Columbus, Ohio.
Aunt Emilie (Paul's Sister) chauffeured them to the airport, Wold Chamberlain, currently Twin Cities Airport.

Jeanne's great-uncle had owned a potato farm on the site of the airport.


Olde Photo From The Family Album

Date, location, and people unknown.

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