I wanted to write of a few memories of my grandparents so my children and their other great grandchildren would know a little about them.

I have some wonderful memories of my childhood with them. Having my suitcase packed on Friday nights so when we went to their house I could spend the weekend. Waking to the smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls. The safe and happy feeling I always had at their house. Coloring together. Watching them work puzzles, read books, play solitaire, and take naps.

We would sleep together and scratch each others backs. I usually moved around and talked too much for Grandpa, so Granny would go with me into another room and I would talk her ear off late into the night.

Danny and I running through the bumpy yard and playing under the back porch. The feel of Grandpa's whiskers when he would hold me, playing a game with our hands, going for walks together. When he was sick I would put powder and lotion on his arms. The way he would hold his arms straight up in the air to hold the book when reading. Certain smells also spark memories, Ivory soap, Wrigley's gum, and pastel mints.

They later moved to Minnesota and it broke my heart. I couldn't imagine how they could leave me and sell their house. I begged my parents to buy it. We had visited each other so often.

Grandpa passed  away when I was about 13. I really missed him and felt bad because it seemed shortly before he died, I thought I was too old to act like his little girl and pulled back from him. He always tried to fatten me up and told me I didn't know how good some foods were.

After that, Grandma lived with us on and off. I loved having her there. I remember getting the urge to learn how to crochet at about 11 o'clock one night.  She stayed up and taught me.  Giving her facials, manicures,  pedicures, and practicing on her hair. She was always good natured and went along with it all.  Watching her make hundreds of bowls of potato salad and cole slaw.

Loving me and listening to me through my teen years.

Later I moved around to different states and she would come an d visit me. At one point, I lived with her for six months. We had a lot of fun and laughs. She got me hooked on coffee. We ran the halls of her apartment at all hours of the night coming from Kim's apartment. She told me a lot of stories of her childhood and family.

I later moved to Kentucky. She was so afraid I would acquire a southern accent, and later claimed I did. I loved to go home and visit, but dreaded saying goodbye.

On Kaitlyn's 1st birthday, she surprised me and came all the way to Kentucky with my mom and Aunt Mary for her party.

I will never forget how she would say "Hi Babe" when I would call her and her voice would perk up.

I miss her dearly, especially our weekend phone calls. She was always there for me through all of the stages and phases of my life. There are so many more memories I can't put into words. I definitely have two more reasons to go to heaven. Truly, how could I ask for more?
By Kathy Lynn Cundiff