Things That Make You  Wonder

So many questions to ask.
Not enough time to get answers.
Where did we begin?
How did it come?
Why is everything the way it is?
Why couldn't the wars just stop?
God's got a reason
for every question in my mind.
The world can't see it
cause the blind.
The Devil has got them stopped.
Where he wants 'em.
But someday he will be dropped.
Right back to hell where he belongs.

           Brian Sparks

Love is something that will always be.
It won't stop or go away.
Love does not grow weary,
or come when it wants,
or leave when it wants.
So sick of the world  using it the wrong way.
Just using it for play.
The world doesn't know what love is.
They use it to get pleasure,
and never to the fullest measure.
If we show them God's love,
they will want it.
So let's show them the way.

             Brian Sparks

The One You Never Want
To Meet

Since the day you burst into my life
you started complaining.
You started to make me sick.
Gossipin' and complaining.
It's all you would do around me.

You did it on purpose.
You knew I couldn't stand it.
Yoiu started to drive me insane.
Everytime you talked you hurt my brain.

You were sinning.
I tried to talk to you about it.
But you wouldn't listen.
I realized I could only pray.
God please change what is bad
and bless what is good.

Brian Sparks
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