The One

I knew since the day I saw you
that you were the one.
I was praying for you for the longest time.
Everytime I look at you I can see
just how awesome God is.
Just looking at your beautiful face.
Your preciouse eye's and your gorgeous hair.
Your smile lights up the room when you enter.
I hope that someday you will be the one
that I say "I do" to.
Brian Sparks


Time is going by so fast.
So fast people want to hold on to the past.
Jesus is coming back.
And that is a fact.
You don't want to be left behind.
The devil will make you lose your mind.
Jesus is the one you want to find
and the Devil is the one you want to bind.
Quit playing with sin.
If you go to Him he will take it away.
He will alway's stay. Life isn't all play.
If you go to God you'll get pay.

Time, Time, Time is ;going by so fast.
Stick with God and He won't give you the shaft.
He say's when you seek you shall find
if you alway's keep Him on your mind.

It say's in His word there is a time for everything.
A time to keep and a time to weep.
A time for Peace and a time to Speak.
A time to mourn and a time for war.
A time to lose and a time to dance.
To everything there is a season.
God has a reason for every season.
Why time to hate. Who to hate.
Hate the Devil for he is bad.
What he does should make you mad.


              Brian Sparks


There was once a boy.
He then Grew up.
They then called him a man.

The boy walked home.
A dog then chased him.
He started to run.

A boy looked at a girl.
The girl saw him smile.
The girl slapped him.
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