So  much garbage all around.
The truth can't be found.
So much drugs and crap.
It is the devil's trap.

He puts the garbage everywhere.
People don't take time to care.
He puts up walls to make you blind.
To keep God off your mind.
The devil is the one you want to bind.

He temps us with sin.
When we stumble we make the fire go dim.
It starts to fade until we come to Him.
The one that always sees us.
He will get rid of all the trash.
If we ask he will take away sins mask.

          Brian Sparks


Life is filled with fun.
Life can also be dumb.
It is filled with disappointments.
Days are filled with appointments.
Some you make, some you don't.

Life will not always go the way it should.
Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win.
Life's goal is to stay far from sin.

Sometimes you want to die.
But all you can do is cry.
There is only one reason to live.
That is Jesus's coming soon.
If you don't go to him
you will have eternal doom.

                 Brian Sparks

Boy in the corner.

I find myself in a weird place
Looking around the room.
I see a boy's face.

He is sitting in the corner.
With a look of misplace.
I ask him who he is.
"They are out to get me" he replies.
"Who?" I ask.

He  rambles about
short people coming to get him
and his dog.
The room then fills with fog.
All of a sudden he disappears with his dog.

I think to myself "Don't let them get me."
Who, you ask? The little men in the fog.

                 Brian Sparks


I find myself liking you.
I don't know why.
Something about you.
I can't figure it out.
Your smile, your laugh,
who you are?
I don't know.

I try to fight it.
It's too strong.
I might as well surrender,
since I know I can't win.
Tell me what you see in me.
I wonder why, I wonder how,
anyone could ever like me.

What is it that I do?
I guess I will never know.

        Brian Sparks
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