I sit here and wait.  Believing in faith.
That you will come.
But it is quiet. Not a sound.
No one is around.

Waiting for you to come.
I think am I really this dumb.
To wait for you.
I know you aren't the one.
But I make myself wait.
Can't I stop.
And come to grips with the truth.

I knew it would never work out.
I thought it everytime you would pout.
You would always cry.
I wondered why?

There is not sense.
Everything seems so dense.
It is time to make a choice.
My choice is Bye.
I just can't wait for you to come around.
I will be nowhere to be found.
                Brian Sparks


So many decisions to make.
Sometimes not enough time to make every one.
The decisions we make aren't always right.
Should I do it, should I not?
Should I stay or should I go?
Should I choose yes or no?
Some decisions  just don't matter.

What should you wear.
How should you do your hair.
It doesn't makes you feel good.
Just the way things should.
But it  always isn't that way.

Sometimes you walk the wrong path.
Or hang with the wrong people
and make bad decisions.
I know one who will never bring you down.
And He will never make you frown.
He will alway's lift you up
and when you thirst He will fill your cup.

         Brian Sparks


There was once a duck.
He was ugly.
Everyone laughed at his looks.
He then became pretty.
They all stopped looking down.
He then gave them a beat down.

         Brian Sparks

The Day

I thought this day would never come.
But I was wrong.
I wish I would of prepared
so I would of been strong.
The day you left me.
The day I wanted to die.
I couldn't help but cry and wonder why.

You never gave me a reason.
You would't explain.
I wonder if I was to blame.
I felt so much shame.

Why go on at all.
If I tried again I would just fall.
I never knew that this is how
it would turn out.
I never had any doubt.
I just thought you were the one.
I never knew you would leave.
Never come back.
Just let me be.
        Brian Sparks


Words go a long way.
What you say is what you get.
So when things come don't get upset.
You said what you said.
If you meant them at all.
Your words can make you rise or fall.
Think of the words you say.
If not then be ready to pay.
They are going to come to pass some day.
Maybe not tommorow or today.
But someday.
They can create blessing or cursing.
Just watch what you say
and say nice things
and that is what will come.

       Brian Sparks
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