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October 2006

Class of 1956


Is it possible that its been 50 years since I graduated from high school? Is it possible that all those old men graduated with me from Cretin High School? (Cretin was formally an all boys school taught by Saint John Baptist DeLaSalle Christian Brothers; and also a Junior ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps) military school taught by U.S. Army personnel.)

The reunion started off with a tour of the old school, which has greatly expanded and modernized. Another big change was the young female students in their impressive uniforms, which we did not have the pleasure of in our days. Cretin and Derham Hall, an all girls high school merged, creating the current coed school.

At the start of the tour a we attended Mass in the school's chapel celebrated by Father William Nadeau, O.M.I., one of our fellow classmates. We soon learned how much he enjoyed the Mass when, at the begging of the homily, he told us that he'd been looking forward to this for years and to sit back and get ready for a 2 hour sermon (or something to that affect.) Actually, he gave an excellent homily in much less than 2 hours. A luncheon was served after Mass.

The festivities culminated at the Southview Country Club with socializing, reminiscing and an elaborate buffet dinner. It seemed that all the guys were wandering around with heads down, closely approaching each other while trying to read name tags. Apparently, along with diminished eyesight, our psychical appearances had also drastically changed.

At the end of dinner, a slide show was shown honoring the classmates who had passed away. It was a solemn event. We also received a Cretin cap, a diploma, and a copy of our report cards from the entire four years. I think we were all shocked when saw that we were not as smart as we had thought.

One of the "highlights" of the banquet was when we each received a diploma.
It was mentioned that it may be the only one some of us had.

The photos below were provided by Jerome Fried.

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