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October 2006


I broke my solemn vow of not go "up north" in winter to attend my 50th reunion at Cretin High School which, also gave us an opportunity to see Abby, our great-granddaughter.

And of course the October weather made sure we experienced some of it's typical behavior with cold blustery winds and some sprinklings of snow.

Cottage Grove

We visited with our granddaughter, Mellisa, and Carole, Jeanne's long time friend, and our "old home site" in Cottage Grove. The changes and developments made in the 14 years since we left were amazing.

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Our first stop in Minnesota was at Jeanne's brother Tom and his wife LaVonne, where we stayed a few nights. They had planned an open house for their son Allen and his new bride Jill, so Jeanne's brother Bob and his wife Mary came from Chicagoland.

As coincidences happen, a baby shower was also scheduled on the same date as the open house. So Jeanne, Kathy, Melissa, and Mary had the opportunity to attend both the baby shower and the open house.

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