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June 2006


Our Annual Visit to The Gulf of Mexico

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June 12 - Day 4

Alberto Comes Ashore

Alberto was very unique. It was borderline between a hurricane and a tropical storm.
Either the day it hit shore or the day before, it was declared a hurricane, but later was
demoted to a tropical storm. It probably holds the record for the shortest hurricane in history.

We were lucky that it went ashore north of us and we only received mildly strong sustained winds and rain.

Wet blowing sand.

More wet blowing sand.

"...and the flag was still there."

June 13 - Day 5

Towards evening the wind abated and we had an unbelievable sunset.
Although the gulf was still churning, the sky was much friendlier looking.

Wind driven sand.

The sunset was so spectacular, that you could close your
eyes, point the camera skyward and just keep clicking away.