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Jerome Fried

Now, let me tell you about Jerry Fried (pronounced "Freed", not like "fried" in "fried chicken").

Jerry and I went to Cretin High School together. I really didn't know him well until our senior year. His girlfriend, at that time, was a life long friend of Jeanne. So, we went out on dates together and I hung out with him a lot.

Although he adamantly denies it, it was him who suckered me into joining the 103rd Field Artillery Division in the Army Reserves at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. To make matters worse, he ended up, both on active duty and thereafter, as a clerk typist, sitting in a cushy office, while I sweated my butt off lugging around 105 mm and 155 mm howitzers for 6 1/2 years.

Well anyway, I hadn't seen him for many, many years, and it was good to see him again at the Cretin 50th High School reunion. And...I've almost forgiven him.


This is Jerry, then and now.
(His Cretin uniform makes him look younger than he actually was.)

I appreciate him providing me with the photos of the reunion.

Below are some photos of his and his son's hobby.


Jerry's hobby - restoring John Deere tractors.

In addition to restoring John Deeres,
Jerry also builds barns and silos.

Jerry's son, Kevin, cutting wood to
keep Jerry warm in the winter.

Scenes of his farm.

A beautiful sunrise on the farm.

Editor's Note:  Jerry did give me permission to use his name on this web
site as long as I did it in good taste. But, he didn't specify whose taste.

Thank you, Jerry!

Photos Around The Villages in Florida

Golf car tunnel going under Morse Blvd.


Another golf car tunnel under Morse Blvd.

Some of our flowers.