Jeanne and John Donahe


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Tom and LaVonne Hauwiller in The Villages

January 2005

Tom is Jeanne's brother. He and his wife, LaVonne, live in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Left: Jeanne, Tom, and LaVonne on the veranda at The Villages sales office.

Right: In our front yard.

In front of our house.

Pat's and Jim's birthdays

February 2005

My sister Pat's and her husband Jim's birthdays are both in February.

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Pat and Jim celebrating in our home.


January 2005

Unfortunately on our day of touring Savanna, the weather was not very favorable for strolling around and taking pictures. We took tour on a bus, but it is difficult to take pictures from a bus. After the bus tour we boarded a paddle boat for a ride on the Savannah River where the photos of the Savannah area were taken.

The next day we drove to Tybee Island, a quaint area. The weather was much improved, so the majority of the photos were taken there.

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Left: A healthy vegetarian lunch.

Right: Waterfront on the Savannah River.

Left: More waterfront.

Right: The river boat
on we took a tour.

Left: Jeanne waiting patiently on the pier.

Right: John waiting patiently on deck.

As we were rounding a bend in the river, we crossed the bow of this huge container ship. I never thought it would make the turn.


Entrance to the pier on right.

Jeanne walking the expansive beach and resting.

Left: Jeanne at the Battery Garland, built 1899.

Right: I wonder if the
gentleman in the background
knew that he was getting his
picture taken.

The lighthouse.
It sure has a big light bulb!

Left: A picture of Jeanne from the top. What a long climb just to take a picture!

Right: Where we ate dinner. What a great place!

Pictures of the exterior in the interior. Too bad it was too cold to eat outside.

Baby alligators.

Left: Jeanne in manacles for not cleaning off her plate from our huge dinner.

Right: I think I just met
those babies' Daddy.